Sapphire Gas Solutions enters renewable natural gas market

Sapphire Gas Solutions, a Conroe, TX based LNG and CNG solutions service company, was recently awarded the transportation and logistics contracts for seven farm based renewable natural gas (RNG) operations in central California.

“Our entry into the RNG market, as a solutions provider, is a huge step for Sapphire. It is exciting to enter the renewable natural gas space with an experienced industry leader like Maas Energy.” said Sam Thigpen, CEO of Sapphire Gas Solutions.

Biomethane is a renewable methane collected from animal waste and landfills. The collected biomethane is processed and delivered to an existing natural gas utility’s infrastructure, supplementing traditional gas supply with a more carbon neutral energy source.

“We are excited to bring more dairies into the CNG space and are looking forward to working with Sapphire on this new alternative for transporting renewable CNG,” said Geovany Osorio, MMW Director, Maas Energy Works.

As in many cases, the farms in central California are not connected to local gas pipeline infrastructure. This created a need to compress and deliver the renewable natural gas to pipeline systems in the vicinity, via tractor trailer. Sapphire’s solution was to utilize CNG fueled transportation to provide this service, thus further reducing the operation’s carbon footprint.