Peoples Gas announces completion of renewable natural gas facility

May 12, 2023. TECO Peoples Gas, Florida’s largest natural gas distribution utility, celebrated the completion of construction of its renewable natural gas (RNG) facility at Alliance Dairies with a ribbon-cutting ceremony that included several elected officials including Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson.

The Alliance RNG facility was built and will be owned and operated by Peoples Gas. Once fully operational in about a month, the facility is expected to produce 105,000 MMBtu of RNG, enough to serve about 4,400 homes annually. It will capture waste from approximately 6,500 cows and clean it to pipeline-quality natural gas that can be safely used by any natural gas appliance or other natural gas application.

“Peoples Gas is proud to be a leader in Florida’s clean energy future and to contribute to our state’s energy diversity,” said Helen Wesley, President and CEO of Peoples Gas. “We are committed to reducing emissions on our own system while helping our customers and partners reduce theirs. And, with this facility, we’re also helping Alliance create a new revenue stream for their business, and that has a positive impact on Florida’s economy and food supply.”

Alliance Dairies is dedicated to using its byproducts in beneficial ways, from recycling water and sand to generating power from methane. “We are firm believers in renewable resources and have long incorporated sustainability into our operations,” said Jan Henderson, CEO of Alliance Dairies. “Peoples Gas is a natural partner to help us continue to make good use of our byproducts, making this RNG facility a big win for both Florida dairy farming and the broader community.”

In 2017, Peoples Gas was the first utility to receive approval from the Florida Public Service Commission to pursue renewable natural gas service in the state, and among the first in the nation. The Alliance RNG project is the next step in advancing clean energy sources like RNG in Florida.

“This partnership is an excellent example of what we can do when we embrace challenges and work together to find market-driven, common-sense solutions. With this project, we’re increasing domestic and renewable energy production, strengthening Florida agriculture and our domestic food supply, and creating economic opportunities for our farmers — all without more government regulation and red tape. Thank you TECO Peoples Gas and Alliance Dairies for your innovative approach to serving the people of Florida,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson.