Oasis Engineering exhibits new CNG nozzle at ACT Expo 2023

Oasis Engineering and Elaflex US are delighted to display new products at ACT Expo 2023. The first they want to promote is a world class CNG Nozzle that complements products in the Oasis range including the 100 series dispenser and line breakaways.  

It is functional in a lightweight design that is comfortable and intuitive for the end user. There are many built-in safety features within the NOZZLE N-CNG that automatically operate when the customer is filling their vehicle. One of these is a green indicator ring that visually demonstrates that the nozzle is correctly locked to the receptacle before filling commences. 


  • High flow design allows faster and complete fill
  • Ergonomic, light weight and easy to use
  • Visual connection indicator
  • Lever locking handle gives peace of mind for secured connection
  • Smooth acting 360° twin hose swivel

Product Information:

  • Product tested to ANSI NGV1:2017 and ISO 14469:2017
  • SAE end connections are standard configuration and conform to SAE J1926-1
  • Custom adaptors can be supplied to suit your application. All products are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards

For many years Oasis Engineering has provided the fill valve range and NGV1 nozzle combination to the natural gas industry. They expanded the range with NOZZLE N-CNG because they believe the market is growing for CNG vehicles. This new CNG nozzle will complement the existing station hardware because the design is compatible with existing dispensers to ensure it can easily and safely be put away in a hanging position. This will prevent damage and extend the life of the product as well as reduce downtime for the station owners. 

Customers are familiar with Oasis Engineering’s market-leading design quality and delivery performance. These points are key drivers when designing a new product that needs to be provided quickly and with exceptional service. The NOZZLE N-CNG was launched at ACT Expo last year in the P30 and P36 pressure ranges and will be on display this year too.