New farm to produce renewable natural gas with Galileo’s technology

Galileo Technologies designed, installed, and commissioned one of its innovative Microbox-Bio stations for integrated production of compressed renewable natural gas (RNG). The installation was performed at the Liberty Dairy Farm project in Wisconsin, United States.

Conceived as an end-to-end solution, the Microbox-Bio station is designed to upgrade up to 300 scfm (square feet per minute) of raw biogas and deliver compressed RNG at 3600 psi (pounds per square inch) to be transported by road for injection into natural gas pipelines. Completely factory-assembled, the plug-and-play configuration of the station accelerates time to market and RNG monetization.

Microbox-Bio units upgrade and compress biogas obtained from manure at two dairy farms owned by Liberty in Wisconsin. The first one was installed in November on a farm that houses 1,700 dairy cows, and the second one is processing the waste from a herd of 2500 cattle.

Since these units were designed for 300 scfm throughput, they are able to operate down to a 30-40% turndown. They yield an exceptional quality product gas, at 99.9% methane with a negligible methane slip, at an average of 800 ppm.

“Farm-based RNG projects offer dairy farmers the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as provide a valuable source of additional revenues. Liberty strives to work closely with dairies in the planning phase to ensure the project development and operation can be integrated into the existing farm operations with minimal impact,” said Tom West, Director of Business Development at Liberty. “We chose Galileo Technologies due to its extensive knowledge of natural gas, its innovative design, and modular installation which minimize disruptions to the daily farm operations”, West added.

“Agricultural activity is responsible for 24% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. If we are to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, small family farms in the United States have a key role to play, as they account for 90% of the country’s farms and 49% of the land with full biomass energy potential. At Galileo we strive to make modular solutions that can be installed in smaller applications, spreading the potential for RNG all over the world, from every source to every consumer,” said Rick Costigliolo, executive of Galileo Technologies.