Liberty RNG extends its commitment to sustainability with Galileo Technologies in the United States

Liberty RNG once again entrusts Galileo Technologies with the technology to produce renewable natural gas, incorporating a new Microbox-Bio in its fleet, to increase Biomethane production.

They currently have two Microbox-Bio units upgrading and compressing biogas obtained from manure from two separate dairy farms. The first was installed in November 2021 on a farm that houses approximately 1,200 dairy cows, and the second processes waste from a herd of approximately 2,500 head of cattle. These units are designed to process 300 scfm of raw biogas. They can operate at reduced flow rates as low as 30% of the nameplate capacity. Both produce pipeline quality gas (99% methane) with the methane losses in both are between 200 and 600 ppm, with the system recovering more than 99% of methane in the biogas.

Liberty works collaboratively with dairies in the planning phase to ensure that project development and operation can be integrated into existing farming operations with minimal impact on the environment. The company stated that they chose Galileo Technologies again due to the quality of its engineering and the results obtained in the two existing facilities.

“At Galileo we strive to make modular solutions that can be installed in smaller applications, spreading the potential for RNG all over the world, from every source to every consumer. In addition, we are proud that our clients renew their trust, benefits and growth with us,” said María de la Orden Cash, executive of Galileo Technologies.