Hexagon Agility and Brudeli Green Mobility to deliver NZEVs for U.S. heavy-duty freight transport

May 30, 2024. Hexagon Agility, a global leader in clean fuel solutions for commercial vehicles, and Brudeli Green Mobility, the Norwegian electric transmission technology company, announced a collaboration aimed at disrupting the Class 7 and 8 North American truck market. This collaboration integrates Hexagon Agility’s industry-leading CNG/RNG systems with Brudeli’s patented plug-in POWERHYBRID™ technology, offering fleets the capability to maintain diesel-like duty cycles, realize significant fuel cost savings, achieve decarbonization goals, and comply with stringent emissions regulations.

The Brudeli POWERHYBRID™ allows long-haul trucks to operate up to 80% electric energy, utilizing a dual electric motor system. This patented setup enables the powertrain to effortlessly switch between serial and parallel hybrid modes, allowing the truck to operate in the most efficient mode as vehicle speed, load, driving patterns, and battery charge level vary, maximizing fuel economy and performance. This system provides flexibility for fleets to operate with clean energy options that are readily available. The truck can be refueled with renewable natural gas (RNG) onsite or at one of the more than 800 public natural gas fueling stations across the U.S. when on longer trips. To enable fleets to operate in zero-emission only mode in sensitive areas, the plug-in battery system can be charged overnight with a Level 2 charger, which is typically less expensive to install than DC fast chargers and can cost less per kWh consumed. The batteries will also charge via regenerative braking energy.

“There is growing awareness of the need to cut emissions from medium- and heavy-duty trucks, which make up more than 20% of overall CO2 emissions in the U.S. transport sector,” says Lasse Bjørkhaug, CEO at Brudeli. “Our partnership with Hexagon enables fleets in hard-to-electrify market segments to achieve zero-emission operation in sensitive areas, while eliminating range anxiety for longer trips with RNG. Additionally, fleet operators will benefit from trucks that offer superior electric-like performance without the same payload restrictions.”