Galileo Technologies continues to work comprehensively on shale gas flaring capture in Vaca Muerta

Galileo Technologies continues to turn flaring into a profitable opportunity. Currently in Argentina, with uninterrupted operation, the vent gas capture project and comprehensive development in the Narambuena area for a major oil industry company in the Vaca Muerta region of Neuquén province is celebrating its two-year anniversary.

This process, performed entirely by Galileo, consists of two Cryobox units that liquefy gas directly from the wellhead, with each unit producing proximately 14 tons of LNG daily, for an estimated total of 10,200 tons annually.

“The Narambuena project is an excellent example of how, despite the oil well being located in a remote area, gas flaring can be avoided and revenue can be generated, while simultaneously prioritizing environmental caring”, stated Juan Ojanguren, Vice-president of Galileo Energía S.A.

The Narambuena Project also has a specially designed and robust gas Upgrading Plant (ZPTS) for CO2 and moisture removal, with the capacity to process a major gas flow. To complete the process, the produced LNG is transported via our Virtual Pipeline™ and delivered to the customer at an Early Production Facility (EPF) by road. There, with Galileo’s re-gasification plants, it can be used for on-site consumption or re-injected into the gas pipeline.

It is important to highlight that flaring is an environmental issue that contributes to global warming, as each cubic meter of vented gas generates 2.8 kg of CO2 equivalent emissions. In this regard, Galileo Technologies has both the technology and the experience to address the problem of gas venting, and the quality of its equipment has resulted in mechanical availability rates exceeding 96% in flaring capture projects.

“Continuing on the path towards energy transition, we believe it is crucial to harness Argentina’s status as the world’s second largest reserve of shale gas to develop and strengthen our energy matrix with a vision for a sustainable and resilient future. We can state that non-conventional oil and gas production can also be carried out responsibly, reaching favorable results in reducing the carbon footprint. Moreover, it can generate significant profitability for companies by monetizing what is currently considered waste”, said Osvaldo del Campo, CEO of Galileo Technologies.