Galileo Patagonia Smart LNG and LCNG fueling station provides innovative solution for heavy transport and NGVs

The new version of the Galileo Patagonia™ Smart Station for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or Liquefied to Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG) is an innovative solution that accelerates the expansion of clean fuel ‘Blue Corridors’ dedicated for heavy-duty trucks. Its plug-and-play configuration and reduced physical footprint enable fueling stations to be installed quickly and easily with the simple addition of a concrete pad. The Patagonia is a cost-effective solution for fleets, logistics centers and fuel stations, among other locations.

LNG fueling will help save time for drivers and enhance the competitiveness of user fleets. The Patagonia’s built-in dispenser delivers up to 60 kilos per minute. It can reduce refueling times to less than 6 minutes for trucks. A mass flow meter ensures fuel measurement accuracy.

A single LNG fill-up can provide from 400 to over 1,000 miles (700 to 1700 kilometers) depending on the capacity of the truck’s fuel tank. The addition of the Patagonia station will allow greater convenience and fuel cost savings of up to 50% based on local conditions.

The Galileo Patagonia Station can be thought of as a smart LNG vending machine. It provides a comprehensive solution including fueling equipment, installation, maintenance, storage systems, and LNG supply. The Patagonia provides online, real-time reports on fuel availability and dispensed quantities of LNG to ensure a firm and continuous supply that is not dependent on the gas pipeline.

The Patagonia greatly simplifies fueling with a prepaid terminal that eliminates the need for the driver to pay cash, use a credit card or to rely on cellphones’ connectivity for payment apps. By selecting the manufacturer and model of the truck on the display screen, the station automatically dispatches the LNG at the temperature and pressure recommended by the automotive manufacturer ensuring the maximum performance for each vehicle.

Patagonia Stations and their LNG supply in Europe are done by Edge Energy Europe, a subsidiary of Galileo Technologies.

Modularity and Multiplicity of Fuels

The compact and modular design of the Galileo Patagonia Station reduces the amount of space required for installation by as much as 80 percent. The dispensing unit and 30-metric ton LNG storage tank can all fit within 1500 square feet (ft2) [140 square meters (m2)], far less space than required for comparable units providing the same fueling performance.

The design of the Patagonia station consists of compact modules mounted on skids eliminating the need for the on-site LNG pumps, vaporizers, cooling systems and compressors required by more traditional configurations.

The versatile Galileo Patagonia can dispense high flow LNG or LCNG for medium and heavy-duty trucks as well as 374 standard cubic feet (scfm) [600 normal cubic meters (Nm3/h)] of LCNG for light-duty and utility vehicles.

In addition to its own standard built-in hoses, the station is also equipped to add dispensers at fueling bays or separate docks so that multiple vehicles can be fueled simultaneously.

Looking forward, Galileo Patagonia is ready for the next revolution in clean fuels to help reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to the atmosphere using Renewable Natural Gas products such as Liquefied Biomethane Gas (Bio-LNG) and Compressed Biomethane Gas (Bio-CNG).