Galileo and GNLink: New agreement for Distributed LNG Production in Brazil

Galileo Tecnología para Gás Ltda., a Galileo Group company in Brazil, and GNLink, a Lorinvest Group company that distributes multimodal gas, signed an agreement for the purchase, installation, and start-up of liquefaction equipment for the implementation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) production in Brazil. This new development will be implemented in the first semester of 2024.

Aligned with the small-scale LNG market development, GNLink consolidated its first natural gas interiorization project in southern Brazil, which will feature a liquefaction capacity of 88,000 m3 per day. The chosen solution for this location is “Distributed LNG Production”, which allows direct liquefaction of natural gas from the source. This innovative approach enables seamless connections to multiple consumers without the need for extensive gas pipelines or costly installations.

“This new agreement reaffirms the quality of our modular and scalable liquefaction technology in Brazil, providing investors with flexibility for their investments. This achievement is possible thanks to our Cryobox technology, widely deployed in several countries around the world, with an existing fleet of over fifty units in Brazil alone. We extend our gratitude to GNLink for placing their trust in us for their small-scale projects in Brazil”, said Horacio Andrés, Director of Galileo Tecnología para Gás Ltda., a Galileo Group company in Brazil.

In addition, Marcelo Rodrigues, General Director of GNLink, stated that the company already has a portfolio of ongoing business ventures, and this new contract marks the beginning of access to LNG for state natural gas distributors, industries, and the automotive sector in areas not served by the gas pipeline network.