June 24, 2021. Xpress Natural Gas LLC (XNG), a leading full-service provider of compressed and renewable natural gas in the United States, has ordered Mobile Pipeline® modules to Hexagon Agility. TITAN® 53 modules offer the highest capacity in North America and will serve multiple projects to communities and industries that do not have access to natural gas or lack sufficient pipeline capacity to meet anticipated demand. This order represents an estimated total value of USD 8.0 million.    

“We were the launch customer for Hexagon Agility’s TITAN®53 and they have been a game changer for us. The higher capacity and lower cost of ownership have allowed us to optimize our dispatch reliability and significantly reduce the number of trips required to serve our customers,” said John Nahill, CEO and co-founder of XNG. “The partnership with Hexagon Agility has enabled us to deliver exceptional customer service while driving safety, reliability, and reducing our own carbon footprint.”

Mobile Pipeline® is vital to driving energy transformation away from petroleum fuels to clean and renewable natural gas. Companies like XNG have been leaders in the industry, enabling customers without pipeline access to adopt natural gas and meet their environmental goals. Natural gas is today’s low carbon, cost effective alternative energy. Renewable natural gas sourced from organic material is fully compatible with today’s infrastructure and Mobile Pipeline equipment and is being rapidly adopted to drive decarbonization of industrial and vehicle fleet operations.

The modules are expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2021.