Xebec Adsorption Inc., a global provider of clean energy solutions, has signed a Master Service Agreement (MSA) with a leading U.S.-based renewable natural gas (RNG) dairy farm project developer for the purchase of BGX Biostream™ units. The MSA will support the order of an initial 18 units, with the potential for additional orders under the same service agreement. This agreement represents the single largest unit order the company has received to date for Biostream and the largest in number of systems ever awarded in North America for dairy farm biogas upgrading projects.

As a result of the MSA and additional expected orders, Xebec has also started the production of 30 Biostream units for delivery over the next year. The company’s increased manufacturing requirements are in part supported by the recently announced acquisition of Tennessee-based Nortec. Xebec’s Canadian manufacturing facility is being modified and is expected to allow for the annual production of approximately 30 to 40 Biostream units. In addition, the company is exploring new capacity in the U.S. as more purchase orders are signed.

“This is fantastic validation of our new Biostream product that is focused on animal manure feedstocks. The team has worked hard over the last two years to develop this containerized system which offers many benefits to customers such as short delivery times, fast installation, modularity, ability to automatically handle fluctuating flow rates, low operating costs and equally important, a very competitive price. This MSA shows the strong value proposition developers and farmers see in our products, as they accelerate the development of carbon-negative renewable natural gas production. We are proud to be playing such an important role in this energy transition and look forward to ramping up our production capacity,” stated Kurt Sorschak, Chairman, CEO and President of Xebec Adsorption Inc.