Westport Fuel Systems Inc. has agreed to commence a research project with Scania to apply its HPDI 2.0TM fuel system with hydrogen to the latest Scania commercial vehicle engine. Preliminary test results are expected in the second half of 2021.

“Our specialty is working with gaseous fuels. Hydrogen use in an internal combustion engine with our HPDI fuel system could offer another cost-competitive pathway to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation,” said David M. Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Westport Fuel Systems. “This exciting evolution of our patented technology could provide an economic, competitive alternative to fuel cells while providing a similar greenhouse gas emission reduction profile.”

“We invested in hydrogen technologies early. Going forward, what we learn from this research project will enable us to provide the best possible offering to our customers,” said Eric Olofsson, Senior Technical Advisor at Scania Powertrain Research & Technology.