April 25, 2021. Vicinity Motor Corp. (VMC), a leading supplier of electric, CNG, gas and clean diesel buses, announced the receipt of a new purchase order with a leading Canadian provincial public transportation provider, for 15 Vicinity” buses for a total value of over $6.0 million.

Per the terms of the supply agreement, the transit authority will order 15 of the company’s 30-foot Vicinity” buses powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). VMC expects delivery of the buses in the first half of 2022.

“We are pleased to have secured this substantial supply agreement with one of our long term transit customers. We continue to leverage our strong brand reputation throughout the Canadian market to sell CNG buses and position ourselves for wider adoption of clean tech vehicle offerings in the future,” said William Trainer, President and Chief Executive Officer of VMC. “We will continue to strive towards expanding market adoption of our clean-burning CNG and fully electric bus lines, driving forward the transition to a more sustainable public transportation system. I look forward to continued operational execution in the months ahead, helping to create long-term value for our shareholders.”