November 22, 2020. Trillium’s successful partnership with the New York City Transit and Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Bus Company is important because more than 350,000 people in New York City rely on compressed natural gas (CNG) buses to get around. That wouldn’t be possible without four major CNG stations owned by the MTA/NYCT, which Trillium operates in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn areas.

Trillium’s success in New York City, however, goes beyond fueling 750 buses in the country’s biggest city. The team’s ability to collaborate with the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) to ensure safety is of the utmost importance underlines Love’s commitment to support the communities in which we live and work as Great People Who Care.

“Trillium conducts annual familiarization sessions with the local fire department battalion houses located close to all of the CNG stations we operate for the MTA and NYC Transit,” said Trillium CNG Northeast Divisional Manager Joe Pazmino.

Trillium CNG stations are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by the Trillium team, and although the stations are automated, fire fighters at the local battalion houses are most likely the first on the scene in the event an emergency occurs at one of our CNG sites.

“Our team will most likely address situations remotely and dispatch a mechanic if there is an issue, but our annual familiarization trainings gives the fire fighters a sense of security and knowledge of what to do if and when they have to respond to an on-site situation,” Pazmino said. “It also gives our team security because when the fire fighters arrive, we know they know exactly what to do.”