March 30, 2021. Trillium, a leading provider of alternative and renewable fueling solutions, announced a new partnership with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) Tuesday. Metro has turned to Trillium to provide ultra-low carbon renewable natural gas (RNG) to two bus depots. RNG is a clean-burning alternative fuel that provides safe and reliable technology that can perform on par with diesel buses.

“We at Trillium are excited to partner with Metro to achieve short-term and long-term sustainability goals,” said Trillium Vice President JP Fjeld-Hansen. “Considering the high passenger volumes and miles ridden each day, this new green partnership will do wonders for the air quality of LA County.”

The agreement is for a five-year term with the option to extend up to three additional years. Over the five-year term, Trillium will provide Metro over 20 million gallons of RNG.

“Metro is committed to ensuring a seamless path toward a carbon-neutral future,” said Metro’s Chief Sustainability Officer Cris Liban. “Our use of RNG, alongside our ultra-low nitrogen oxide engines on the existing CNG fleet, provides the most cost-effective, equitable and clean air strategy as we continue to transition to a 100% zero-emissions bus fleet by 2030 and a net zero-emissions agency by 2050.”

This agreement continues Metro’s goal to further reduce the carbon emissions from its entire bus fleet. Metro’s buses fueled by Trillium’s RNG reduce smog-forming nitrogen oxides to 90% lower than the EPA limit and remove up to 1 million metric tons of greenhouse gases over the 5-year term compared to traditional diesel buses. This is the equivalent of removing 550,000 passenger vehicles from the road.