February 26, 2021. Trillium, a leading provider of alternative and renewable fueling solutions, announced a new partnership with the City of Dallas on Thursday. The City of Dallas has turned to Trillium to take over the operations and maintenance of two CNG fueling stations owned by the city.

“We are excited to help Dallas provide reliable, clean energy fueling for the sanitation department by maintaining their stations,” said JP Fjeld-Hansen, vice president of Trillium. “The City of Dallas has taken a proactive position for air quality, and we’re happy to play a role in that journey.”

The stations, located at 9809 Harry Hines Blvd. and 2800 Carlton Garrett St., are primarily used for fueling of heavy-duty sanitation vehicles. Trillium will be operating and maintaining the 26 slow-fill hoses used for overnight fueling at each station. There’s also a fast-fill dispenser available at the Southeast Service Center for other City of Dallas CNG vehicles. This partnership adds to Trillium’s five existing CNG fueling stations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Others large locations where Trillium has municipal contracts include New York City, Oklahoma City and Cleveland.