June 1, 2021. Surge Energy US Holdings Company announces the use of dual fuel completions on a multi-well, multi-zone pad in its Moss Creek field.

Surge Energy recently completed a multi-zone, 10 well project in the Company’s Moss Creek field in Howard County. Within this project, the Company completed a five-well pad with a compressed natural gas (CNG) and diesel dual fuel system which yielded a GHG emissions reduction of approximately 845 metric tons (1.86 million pounds) of CO2e Emissions. Further, the Company has plans to introduce an electric frac fleet in 2021 to further reduce GHG emissions.

“The use of CNG and diesel dual fuel powered fracking is the latest example of Surge’s culture of innovation,” stated CEO Linhua Guan. “Using dual fuel completions and plans to further reduce GHG emissions with an electric frac fleet demonstrate Surge’s commitment to sustainability.”