SJI Industries announced the formation of its Clean Energy and Sustainability team, responsible for the development, execution and oversight of all clean energy and sustainability initiatives for the organization.

“SJI is committed to the clean energy and sustainability goals of New Jersey and is excited to build on its track record of successful clean energy initiatives by establishing a new Clean Energy and Sustainability team,” said Steve Cocchi, senior vice president and chief strategy and development officer, SJI. “With the formation of this team, SJI is poised to be a leader in clean energy, energy efficiency and carbon reduction initiatives, allowing us to expand on the progress we have already made, while continuing to deliver on our mission to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy.”

SJI has a proven track record of leadership in sustainability, including:

  • Conservation Incentive Program (CIP) – South Jersey Gas, a subsidiary of SJI, was one of the first utilities in the country to implement a CIP – eliminating the link between utility profits and quantity of gas sold
  • Energy Efficiency Programs – subsidiaries South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas have helped over 24,000 New Jersey customers reduce their energy usage
  • Customer Education Commitment – South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas have delivered over 1 million home energy reports to help customers better understand their energy usage
  • Investments in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) – South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas have invested in CNG from fueling stations to fleet conversion – operating over 200 CNG-fueled fleet vehicles in New Jersey
  • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) – South Jersey Gas initiative to displace gas at all company owned and operated CNG fueling stations with RNG
  • Investments in Responsible Natural Gas – South Jersey Gas was one of the first utilities in the region to purchase a portion of supply through the TrustWell program, which certifies the supply for following best practices
  • EPA STAR Methane Challenge participation – committed to reduce emissions by at least 5% annually through pipeline replacement at South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas, and on track to replace all cast iron and bare steel mains and services in the South Jersey Gas service area by 2021 to ensure safety and reliability

Debbie Franco, Vice President Clean Energy and Sustainability will lead the team, partnering with leaders from across the organization to develop and advance our clean energy and sustainability goals – reducing energy consumption, educating customers on maximizing energy efficiency and conservation, reducing methane emissions and modernizing our gas distribution systems via carbon reduction technology innovations.