June 22, 2022. Pilot Company, one of the leading suppliers of fuel and the largest operator of travel centers in North America, is building upon its current initiatives in the alternative fuels space with a new compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen delivery platform. This expansion includes a partnership with VoltaGrid LLC (VoltaGrid) to develop a low-carbon fuels network that contributes to reduced emissions and decarbonization for third-party customers in industries like water disposal, dual-fuel applications, water heating operations, and natural disaster response.

Pilot Company’s recent investment in a large-scale fleet of CNG and hydrogen trailers and in VoltaGrid’s low-carbon oilfield and mining services business is estimated to bring 350,000 gallons equivalent of low carbon fuel to the market daily. This partnership will advance VoltaGrid’s power generation venture for electric completions and look at further growth through the joint development of large-scale low-carbon fuel terminals in 2022 and early 2023.

VoltaGrid and Pilot Company will provide customers the ability to:

  • Increase resources and streamline operations through seamless transitions between field gas and CNG supply for electric power generation without having to manage multiple suppliers.
  • Access a reliable network of CNG, renewable natural gas, diesel, and hydrogen fuel supply paired with VoltaGrid’s turnkey power generation package.
  • Access Pilot Company’s broad infrastructure base to efficiently supply low carbon fuels for grid reinforcement projects.

“Pilot Company is a leader in fuel supply and distribution in North America, and we are eager to further diversify our business footprint in the alternative fuels space and scale our capabilities to serve the energy, fuel, and mobility industries,” says Joshua Edge, Pilot Company’s Senior Director of Compressed Gas Operations. “VoltaGrid’s approach to safety, efficiency, cutting-edge technology, and innovative solutions aligns with our corporate goals to help customers lower their carbon footprint and benefits our team members, stakeholders, and customers.”