OPW announced the launch of its new Virtual Trade Show. This unique digital experience will provide customers with access to a series of informative videos and product demonstrations in lieu of the spring trade shows that have been cancelled or postponed.

The OPW Virtual Trade Show will officially launch on April 7 and is free to attendees. To access the virtual event, customers can simply go to opwglobal.com/virtual-tradeshow.

“Convenience stores and gas stations are essential businesses and our job at OPW is to help keep their fueling operations compliant, contained and running efficiently, regardless of what’s going on in the world,” said Ed Kammerer, Director of Marketing and Global Product Strategy for OPW Retail Fueling. “Since all of the spring shows were cancelled or postponed, we decided to bring the trade shows to our customers by launching a Virtual Trade Show to show them the latest innovations in fueling.”

Following strict CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommended social distancing protocols, the demonstrations were filmed inside a fully furnished OPW trade show booth, arranged by Cincinnati-based exhibit group Exhibit Logistics. Each demonstration video sequence features a detailed overview of key product attributes, supported by animations and downloadable collateral material. A few of the new products featured include:

  • HiFlo Dispenser Sump:

The newest addition to the prefabricated Loop System for fuel dispensing, this sump handles high-flow applications for retail truck stops and hybrid convenience stores that have included high speed diesel lanes in their fuel offering. The new HiFlo Loop System includes 3” fuel pipe, 6” access pipe for retractability, 2” impact valves and satellite loop sumps for fuel dispensing on both sides of a high-speed truck lane.

  • Cleaner Fueling Nozzles:

OPW 14 Series nozzles set a new standard for both dripless gasoline and diesel capture nozzle technologies. The newly added 14BP model in the 14 Series of cleaner, greener fueling nozzles, combines patented, free-draining dripless-spout technology from the 14E (still the industry’s first and only CARB-Approved Dripless Conventional nozzle) combined with technologies from the industry standard OPW 11BP nozzle.

  • OPW Product Guide App:

The Product Guide App pulls data sheets, installation instructions, product videos and more into one easy-to-use mobile interface. Users can also view products in hi-res 3D renderings that act as interactive diagrams. Product components and part numbers appear via clickable call-outs and product blueprints can be expanded and rotated to isolate parts for detailed analysis.