Omnitek Engineering Corp. has received EURO VI Phase-E certification for its OT13 heavy-duty natural gas engine.

The 13-liter natural gas engine, which will be marketed worldwide in countries where this stringent emissions requirement is mandated, can be utilized for truck and bus applications, and provides 420 hp and 1,960 Nm of torque – essentially equivalent to diesel engine performance levels.

“The availability of a competitively priced EURO 6 Phase-E heavy-duty 13-liter natural gas engine, coupled with the rapidly emerging build-out of the natural gas fueling infrastructure, should further accelerate the deployment of natural gas heavy-duty vehicles around the world, and we expect strong demand for our engine,” said Werner Funk, President and Chief Executive Officer of Omnitek Engineering Corp.

He noted achieving the EURO VI Phase-E emissions standard was the result of extensive engine development initiatives and the incorporation of Omnitek’s patented natural gas engine management system components and a high-efficient catalytic converter.

“CO2, NOx and black carbon emissions from diesel engines, potent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, are abated when using natural gas, and our technology offers countries around the globe a viable and proven solution to address emissions policies of the 200-nation Paris Agreement on Climate Change.  Industry sources estimate natural gas reduces GHG emissions by approximately 30 percent compared with diesel fuel. In addition, the price delta between diesel and natural gas makes the utilization of natural gas engines particularly attractive to fleet operators,” Funk said.