New Zealand’s leading engineering company and compressed natural gas (CNG) specialists Oasis Engineering has returned from a successful appearance at AltFuels México 2019.

The conference event was held from 11 to 14 March 2019, at Maya Halls 1, 2 & 3 in the World Trade Centre of Mexico City.

“Oasis Engineering was at the expo to exhibit our great range products and make people aware of the benefits of using high flow products and how using these products make their operations more efficient and profitable,” says Felipe Aguilera. Business Development Manager – Latin America & Asia Pacific for Oasis Engineering.

He also had his own presentation at this prestigious event, “I presented about the importance of having high flow products in the CNG operations/stations and having high quality products which ensure safety for the operators,” adds Aguilera.

As Gold Sponsors of this event, he got to showcase Oasis Engineering’s state-of-the-art products & technology and networking with top industry professionals. In particular he highlighted Oasis Engineering’s range of game changing high flow products. These highlighted factors included:

– More gas volume transferred in less time.

– Minimize temperature rise caused by restrictions

– Normalize the flow within the system, minimizing the temperature rise and getting cylinders fuller.

– Restrictions produce back pressure, increase gas velocity and add heat to the gas.

“All these factors result in longer filling times and less volume of gas in the cylinders,” advises Aguilera.

“AltFuels México was great for making people aware that Oasis Engineering are present in the market, that we have a distributor in México called Acerall, show our product range and educate about our high flow products,” adds the businessman.