September 25, 2020. Starting this October more than 30 different zero emission and alternative fuel medium- and heavy-duty trucks will be available for demonstrations in the California Central Valley.

The program is set to be the largest truck demo program of its kind in California, and will include natural gas, propane autogas, and battery-electric vehicles. Box trucks, tractors, cargo vans, cutaway vans, and more will be available for demonstration by fleets. Station developers are also participating and providing fleet operators the chance to learn about existing or planned fueling infrastructure in their area.

The program fills a need that has been developing over the Spring and Summer months. COVID-19 cancelled or postponed almost every trade and equipment show this year, so there have not been opportunities for fleets to experience new trucks on a trade show floor or at a ride and drive event. In-person experiences provided through this truck demo program are one of the few ways for fleets to check out new trucks and technologies—which may not be available to see on dealer lots.