December 25, 2019. New Flyer of America Inc. is initiating third year production of 100 Xcelsior® forty-foot, heavy-duty transit buses and 32 Xcelsior sixty-foot, heavy-duty transit buses for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro), for a total of 164 equivalent units (EUs). This order is the third installment of a five-year contract by Metro first announced in July 2018 and for a total of up to 694 diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) buses. It represents Metro’s Year 2 options, converting 132 buses from the backlog to firm orders.

The order replaces older, end-of-life vehicles with new more efficient buses that will deliver greater reliability, while increasing sustainability for riders.

“Since 2001, New Flyer has delivered nearly 1,500 buses to support and expand greater mobility in Washington and its surrounding communities – including electric hybrids, zero-emission battery-electric, and low-emission compressed natural gas buses,” said Chris Stoddart, President, New Flyer. “Together, we are building more efficient transportation while helping reduce traffic congestion in the capital region. New Flyer is proud to continue supporting Metro in its pursuit of delivering a safe, reliable and affordable transit experience.”

New Flyer’s diesel buses use a four-step technology to deliver highly efficient, virtually smoke-free engines that can help lower emissions and reduce particulate emissions by 90% and NOx emissions by 95% over traditional diesel propulsions.