April 23, 2020. Montgomery County Environmental Services will receive a check for almost $181,000 from the County’s compressed natural gas (CNG) supplier as part of a rebate from the federal government.

In 2017, the Federal Government reinstated a 50-cent rebate per CNG Gas Gallon Equivalents (GGEs) and gave Montgomery County in Ohio a rebate credit for annual GGEs. Now, the county is receiving rebate money once again, retroactively, for both 2018 and 2019. This money will be used to maintain and operate the CNG-fueled fleet.

“By replacing our diesel truck fleet with trucks that only run on CNG, we are doing our part to be a better community partner,” said Matt Hilliard, Interim Director of Montgomery County Environmental Services.

In 2018, Montgomery County used 169,818.62 GGEs, which will equal a total rebate of $84,909.31. The 2019 usage was 191,567.68 GGEs, which will equal a total rebate of $95,783.84.

In July 2016 a grand opening event was held for the Montgomery County CNG Station in Moraine, Ohio, located at 2750 Cardington Road.