July 24, 2022. Magnolia River and CEM Engineering have formed a strategic partnership to provide natural gas utility clients and project developers with comprehensive turn-key services to help successfully plan, design and manage construction of RNG solutions to deliver pipeline-quality natural gas that can be safely used by natural gas customers.

With this partnership, CEM Engineering will align its unparalleled experience in the design of custom engineering solutions for the on-site capture and upgrading of biogas with Magnolia River’s industry-leading turn-key pipeline engineering design capabilities. By combining their proven expertise, CEM Engineering and Magnolia River seek to provide utilities and project developers with a comprehensive team to support the on-going integration of pipeline-quality renewable natural gas into North America’s supply portfolios.

The impact of rising customer demand for natural gas coupled with federal and state initiatives for decarbonization has led many natural gas utilities and project developers to look for innovative ways to satisfy both without breaking the bank.

The use of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) as a clean, green, alternative and domestic resource, is quickly becoming a key component and viable solution to addressing North America’s decarbonization efforts and projected energy demand needs, so that present and future generations will have access to safe and reliable clean fuel and energy.

“We could not be more excited about this partnership with CEM Engineering. With the RNG market continuing to grow at a rapid pace, this partnership presents a huge opportunity for two of the premier engineering consulting firms in the energy sector to team up to provide utilities with turn-key solutions to support their RNG growth,” said Robbie Laney, Chief Commercial Officer of Magnolia River.

“CEM is grateful to partner with Magnolia River to provide a complete turn-key offering to the growing RNG marketplace. The complementary strengths of both organizations will ensure successful delivery of RNG projects for gas utilities and developers which will drive the decarbonization that is required in North America’s energy industry,” said Matt Lensink, Chief Operating Officer of CEM Engineering.