March 26, 2020. The RNG Coalition recently announced new Advisory Boards and appointed Lynn Lyon, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Hexagon to both their Consumer Access & Outreach and Education & Research Advisory Boards.

The Advisory Board scopes include promotion of outreach and policies to offer RNG to residential, commercial and industrial customers, and the aggregation of best industry practices and research to support the RNG Coalition’s mission and Sustainable Methane Abatement & Recycling Timeline (SMART) initiative.

“Hexagon is a strong advocate for the RNG industry and Lynn provides a valuable business perspective. As an energy influencer on social media she extends the conversation to a wide audience of stakeholders focused on decreasing the carbon footprint in transportation systems,” says Johannes Escudero, CEO & Executive Director, Coalition for RNG.

As the market for cleaner RNG accelerates, gas producers from waste streams including landfills, agriculture and wastewater are often challenged with storage and transportation. Hexagon Mobile Pipeline® provides a safe, cost-effective transportation option for sources of RNG located far from a pipeline.

“With more than 1,500 Mobile Pipeline® deployments around the world, Hexagon is a global leader committed to working with the RNG industry to develop the most efficient solution for each new project off the gas grid,” says Ms. Lyon.