Innovative Fuel Systems Ltd. (IFS), an Edmonton based, privately-owned cleantech company, announced that Jacknife Oilfield Services (Jacknife), an Indigenous-owned heavy-duty truck fleet, has signed an agreement to initially implement IFS’ Multi Fuel Technology Platform (MFTP™) on up to 50 of its fleet trucks, with the goal of implementing the technology across its entire company owned-fleet.

“After comprehensive testing and analysis, we’re pleased that Jacknife has selected our technology to equip their fleet.” stated Leland Oberst, President and Chief Executive Officer of IFS. “Bolstered by Jacknife’s selection of our technology, we are continuing to showcase our technology to Class 8 heavy-duty fleets in Canada and soon in United States.”

As an independently owned Indigenous fleet servicing the oil and gas industry, it is important for Jacknife to play a leadership role in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by using natural gas, an abundant and cleaner-burning fuel option. IFS’ patent-pending MFTP™ easily and nonintrusively allows diesel-burning heavy-duty engines to replace a substantive amount of diesel fuel with natural gas, which reduces GHG emissions and lowers fuel costs. The first phase of implementation is expected to be completed in 2022.

“We operate within the oil and gas industry, but that doesn’t mean we can’t act responsibly and reduce our carbon footprint,” stated Kurt Muller, General Manager of Jacknife Oilfield Services. “As a leader, my job is to look to the horizon and see what’s ahead, so I considered how to improve our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, which led me to partner with Innovative Fuel Systems. Our trucks operate in –40℃ temperatures in some of the most challenging terrains and weather conditions in the world. During testing, we noticed zero difference in truck performance. This is a big factor for us as we rely on our equipment’s performance when operating in remote areas.”