Europe, the USA, Canada and South America utilize CNG and other natural gas options to reduce operating costs and emission levels. Many believe the fuel of the future is hydrogen because of its potential to provide zero emissions and have minimal impact on the environment.

Fuel and energy providers are anticipating the future of hydrogen fuel with global corporate organizations committing to a cleaner future. Oasis Engineering has a key expansion plan to concentrate on hydrogen projects and partner with their current customers as well as generate new partnerships in this market worldwide. Their valves have already been installed in H2 project builds. Its Product Development team views the H2 market as key part of the engineering future so they are watching new developments in this sector closely.

A relative newcomer to the Product Development team is Abhishek Makker who completed his Mechanical Engineering Master’s degree at Auckland University specialising in Product Design,

“I am really interested in the effects we‘re all having on the environment so one of my long term goals is to help create an engineered solution. It’s great being at Oasis Engineering because we are already a key component provider within the global compressed natural gas sector. CNG is a step towards cleaner fuels and there’s hydrogen coming too. I’m glad to be in an industry that’s pushing towards a cleaner climate.”

The Product Development team has expanded with Abhishek who has fitted in well working closely with customers, internal sales and production departments. Oasis’s priority is to work closely with customers designing customized solutions for specific issues as well as sharing this knowledge with the wider Oasis team to benefit the overall company. Oasis has always aimed to set the standard within the CNG market so this priority remains unchanged.

However Hydrogen is expected to grow exponentially worldwide requiring the engagement of both public and private sectors in the development and implementation process and Oasis plan to be a part of this. Also other new ideas and experience that Abhishek brings to the Product Development team promise a really exciting future for Oasis.