Pluspetrol purchased a Microskid Process MX 400® compressor package to increase oil production in this African country.

A milestone in trade relations: it is the first Argentine export of its kind to Africa and the Argentine Embassy located in Angola significantly contributed to this achievement.

Microskid Process MX 400 compression power will be used to increase oil production by injecting extremely high-pressure natural gas. The technique is called gas-lift and it is used in mature wells.

The packaged unit, which has been authorized to operate in dangerous areas, has a 3-stage MX 400® reciprocating compressor with 330 hp. Therefore, it can inject the well with a unit flow of 1.7 million standard cubic feet of natural gas per day (MMSCFD).

“We are proud of the fact that the performance of our compressor packages has moved on from our well sites in Argentina to one of the main hydrocarbon-producing countries together with Pluspetrol and our Chancellor’s Office,” said Gabriel Lorenzi, Vice President  of Sales at Galileo Technologies for Africa.