April 14, 2020. Utility FortisBC in British Columbia will soon launch its third and largest landfill renewable natural gas (RNG) project to make RNG from decomposing waste. In partnership with the city of Vancouver, it will increase RNG the utility currently produces at the other two facilities by two-thirds, equating to another 250,000 gigajoules of gas that it will sell to customers annually.

“There is an emphasis and awareness on climate change, and in response to customers’ desires to reduce emissions, we see our existing systems as a way to link customers to sources of RNG,” says Scott Gramm, manager of renewable natural gas supply for FortisBC.

The utility will own and operate the system at the Delta landfill and pay the city of Vancouver for its gas, which will go back to the municipality to fuel its compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks. The gas will also be used for city buildings and for a central energy system serving residential and commercial customers in downtown Vancouver.

Delta landfill was selected because it serves multiple major cities, and thus is able to provide a robust feedstock supply. Plus, Vancouver is a thought leader that prioritizes climate goals, says Gramm.

“The project is important because it gets us closer to our goal of having 15 percent of our gas supply coming from renewables by 2030. It will also give us confidence that these targets are realizable,” he says.