An interview with Tauranga-based global engineering experts Oasis Engineering Technical Sales Engineer, Paul Stewart.

New Zealand’s leading engineering company and compressed natural gas (CNG) specialists Oasis Engineering recently created a new position of technical sales engineer. Occupying this role is Paul Stewart, who comes from a mechanical engineering background and have also worked with technical sales, production and regional management roles.

He states “the newly created position here Oasis will give me the opportunity to support our current customers whilst looking to expand both products and services throughout New Zealand”. Stewart is looking forward to travelling around New Zealand and establishing solid relationships to secure the future for Oasis Engineering.

In a Q&A session with Paul, he provided an insight into working with Oasis Engineering, and his new role of technical sales engineer.

What does your role at Oasis Engineering entails?

My role focuses on the development of sales to new and existing customers throughout New Zealand.

What aspects of your job do you enjoy?

I enjoy working with the end-user/customer to help improve Oasis Engineering products and services, ultimately resulting in a stronger company and closer connections with our customers.

Why did you decide to join Oasis Engineering?

Oasis Engineering appealed to me due many aspects e.g. they take continuous improvement seriously, they value staff input and ideas, they strive to make a quality product – largely resulting from the collaboration of customer and Oasis team member ideas.

How can companies benefit from using the services provided by Oasis Engineering?

Working with Oasis Engineering will result in improvements to your product. An example of this is the engineer to engineer service offered by Oasis, focusing on design and production to help drive quality in every way. These kinds of customer engagements, reinforced by face to face visits, LEAN production methods, accurate quality and strong delivery performance are proven to provide benefit to the customer.

What makes Oasis Engineering unique?

We deliver on what we promise.

How do you think Oasis Engineering is making a mark in the world of engineering?

Oasis Engineering continues to challenge how a product should perform, how it should be manufactured and why a customer would buy it.

Any exciting events coming up from Oasis Engineering this year that you will be involved in?

My focus is very much on the New Zealand market, I’ll be visiting all of our current customers and I’m keen to meet with new businesses interested in forming engineering partnerships.