The quality of the ball valves created and supplied by engineering company Oasis Engineering is a point of pride for the Tauranga-based company.

These valves are used across the whole CNG industry, in things such as CNG stations, mobile storage (CNG trailers), ground storage, priority panels, compressors, dispensers and more.

“We supply the best CNG ball valves in the market – they’re made from Stainless Steel bar stocks, with a tested longevity of 100,000 cycles and a maximum working pressure of 6000psi,” says Ricky Lee at Oasis Engineering.

“They’re also fully serviceable – we can do it for you, or we have information on our website to walk you through servicing them yourself.”

The ball valve is a specific type of valve that utilises a pivoting, perforated ball to control the flow of gas. It is used in a wide variety of industries, and is favoured for its versatility and durability.

Oasis Engineering was the key player in the re-engineering of the delivery pressure, which made the modernisation of CNG possible. That same delivery pressure is the model that many other companies in the world have followed.

In 1982, Oasis Engineering created the 3/8th and ½ inch BV100 ball valve, as a means of isolating the gas dispensing hose. This product was adopted by Caltex less than two years later as the standard for all New Zealand gas stations.

Oasis followed this up with the BV500 series in 1985, which lifted dispensing pressure to 3600psi, increasing the efficiency of the valves. By 1990, the ball valves created by Oasis Engineering were certified by the New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, becoming the international benchmark and remaining so to this day. International exporting to countries such as Pakistan, Korea and Argentina began two years later.

Lifting operating pressure to 6000 psi, the BV700 series was released in 2007, achieving the International ISO 9001:2000 approval and becoming a Telarc Sai registered supplier later that same year.

“Peerless machining tools, certified craftsmen, accredited quality manufacturing, and people who value their trade – this is the combination that makes Oasis Engineering the quality component manufacturer of choice,” says Andy Cameron, Managing Director at Oasis Engineering.

With continuous improvements and innovations still being made today, Oasis Engineering is an innovative company in a highly innovative nation.