EKC International Dubai is part of the renowned Everest Kanto Cylinder Limited, India. Established in 1978, EKC has grown to become a pioneer in development & production of industrial & CNG Cylinders with well over 3 million High-Pressure Gas Cylinders and 2 million CNG cylinders in service. The EKC group today has 2 manufacturing plants in India, 2 plants in the Middle East (UAE) Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai, 1 plant each in China and USA. Thanks to a long history in business and adherence to the highest quality standards, EKC enjoys market leadership in the domestic and favorable position in international markets. EKC International Dubai plants have shown consistent growth since inception in 2004.

Starting from CNG Cylinders, the plants today also manufacture a full range of Industrial Gas Cylinders, Bundles, Cascades and Multiple Element Gas Containers of Steel and Lightweight full composite cylinders. EKC Dubai is focused on export orientation besides covering the domestic and Middle East markets. Their export markets include Europe, Latin America, USA, CIS, Russia, and Africa. High Quality of EKC Cylinders is no coincidence, but continuous efforts of their research & development and quality assurance personnel. Each EKC cylinder goes through specified testing at every stage of production by highly qualified quality control personnel. EKC group is a forerunner in developing highest quality standards. Its key competence lies in adhering to committed product quality, strong interface with customers and flexibility to meet customers’ requirements.