November 1, 2020. Eagle LNG Partners has entered into a long-term agreement with Barbuda Ocean Club in Barbuda, West Indies. Barbuda Ocean Club is committed to helping the island rebuild while protecting its fragile natural environment and preserving its distinctive culture. The Coco Point neighborhood represents the initial phase of development for Barbuda Ocean Club. By transitioning to U.S. natural gas for power generation, Barbuda Ocean Club is committing to low-carbon technology while also reducing local air emissions on the pristine island of Barbuda, and will save millions of dollars in fuel relative to existing petroleum-based power generation. Transitioning to flexible natural gas driven generation also enables Barbuda Ocean Club to work with Eagle LNG to introduce further low carbon solutions including renewable generation to enable sustainable growth of the development in Barbuda. Eagle LNG is enabling a fully turn-key solution for Barbuda Ocean Club inclusive of U.S. natural gas, storm-resilient equipment in Barbuda, and investment in power generation.

“We are pleased to partner with Barbuda Ocean Club on this important project,” said Sean Lalani, President of Eagle LNG. “This project demonstrates our commitment to provide low-cost energy which enables economic growth and recovery in Barbuda and similar places. The Barbuda turn-key investment is one of several turn-key solutions Eagle LNG is developing in the Caribbean basin for utility and industrial clients. In providing lowest-cost, fully integrated, U.S. natural gas solutions, Eagle LNG is committed to a low-carbon future, spurring economic recovery for the region as the world works to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, and fostering closer ties between Florida and the United States and our neighbors throughout the region. We are pleased to be a leading energy developer in the region and look forward to providing low-cost, flexible energy solutions to numerous other clients.”

“Partnering with Eagle LNG is the best solution for our Members as well as Barbuda as a whole,” said Michael S. Meldman, Chairman and CEO of Discovery Land Company. “We have made a major commitment to help the people of Barbuda preserve the health and integrity of the island’s natural environment. It’s a huge part of who we are and what Barbuda Ocean Club represents. Eagle LNG will allow us to provide dependable, sustainable electricity throughout our community while minimizing the impact upon the native environment. It’s a safe, clean source of power that will serve our community for many years.”

Eagle LNG will provide significant on-island storage and re-gasification assuring natural gas for extended periods should weather inhibit deliveries. Since early 2018, Eagle LNG has loaded hundreds of ISO and trailers loads from their Maxville LNG facility for Crowley Maritime and other clients. The turn-key, U.S. natural gas powered solution for Barbuda is ideal for many areas for both industrial clients and island utilities.