Every CNG station operator has stories about people driving off with a CNG nozzle still connected to the vehicle receptacle. Therefore safety precautions and minimal damage to the dispenser are of paramount importance when this occurs.

Oasis Engineering’s CNG High Flow Dispenser Breakaway IB103 can be reconnected multiple times after a breakaway (up to one hundred times) which saves stations, insurance companies and customers in significant replacement costs. Breakaways engineered by other companies can be damaged internally and cost much more to replace the broken parts.

The Oasis team have tested the IB103 to 102,000 pressure cycles and designed the breakaway to come apart without damage. It is protected externally with safety guards. Extra seals are included with the new product if they are damaged in the first breakaway event, and there are Soft Bump Stops to protect dispenser panels from damage. Also, the male end of the breakaway is available for purchase separately if it is damaged/dented hitting the ground in a disconnection event.

Company’s priority is focused on a high flow dispenser breakaway so their client’s customers can fill their vehicles faster ensuring efficiency and speed in the filling process. Oasis also factored in high safety and equipment protection in the CNG High Flow Dispenser Breakaway IB103.

When clients order the CNG High Flow Dispenser Breakaway – IB103 they have short lead times with parts already in stock that the company can quickly assemble to order and freight worldwide. Service kits are also available and Oasis´s website has a comprehensive instruction manual and video on the IB103:



Oasis Engineering’s CNG High Flow Dispenser Breakaway is proving to be very popular in the US and Canada as their customers appreciate the benefits and savings by using this specially designed product for CNG.

The company believes in creating and producing high quality and durable breakaways that Oasis supports comprehensively with manuals, how-to videos and a knowledgeable team on call.