Certarus Ltd. announced that on January 28th, 2020 it set a new single day milestone record, having safely delivered over 50,000 mcf/d of compressed natural gas (CNG).

Certarus continues to grow both its geographic reach and its customer base across the United States and Canada, providing low carbon energy solutions across multiple industries ranging from international mining companies in Ontario to energy supermajors in Texas. Certarus has entered into a number of contracts over the past year which underpins a significant proportion of our volume. The growth is driven by reducing environmental emissions, lowering costs and simplifying logistics for our customers.

The record volume of CNG sold on January 28th is equal to approximately 1,500,000 Diesel Equivalent Litres (DEL) or 380,000 Diesel Gallons Equivalent (DGE) of fuel. This is a notable achievement as it surpassed the average day in 2019 by 91% and the peak day of last year by 38%.

“We are extremely pleased with how the entire team at Certarus has safely scaled up to this new record activity level. This achievement is a direct result of the dedication and hard work of the women and men of Certarus to continuously raise the bar for our customers. Certarus is proud to work with our customers to deliver carbon reduction solutions that provide both environmental and economic wins,” said Curtis Philippon, President & CEO of Certarus.