April 3, 2020. Bruce Winchester, Executive Director Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance (CNGVA), published his March report where he highlights that many CNGVA members are supporting critical services like energy delivery, refuse collection, transit operations and supply chain deliveries within the COVID-19 pandemic.

CNGVA is focused on representing the interests of its members with government and working together to develop strategies to support their hard work responding to COVID-19. And, once this immediate crisis has passed, the organization will continue to work with its members to help the industry thrive again.

In terms of government affairs, Winchester anticipates that a number of policy discussions will resume in the next few weeks. There will be adjustments to the original timelines – particularly for any regulatory proposals. Recently, CNGVA had begun scheduling briefing sessions with Members of Parliament – these meetings have now been postponed. Unlike these meetings, which tend to be face-to-face, they can continue discussions with government officials to keep initiatives moving forward. CNGVA will keep members up to date on the following initiatives:

  • Environment and Climate Change Canada’s proposed Clean Fuel Standard – likely delayed for a few months but at this point there is every expectation that this initiative will continue.
  • Natural Resources Canada’s Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Deployment initiative – while most of the dollars earmarked for natural gas projects have been allocated, CNGVA anticipates a few more projects will be approved. However, regional construction delays will likely push program deadlines out by at least a year.
  • Natural Resources Canada’s NGV Deployment Roadmap implementation activities – these will continue, though CNGVA does not anticipate a steering committee meeting this year. CNGVA will redouble efforts to ensure continued support.
  • Government of Ontario’s consultations on medium and heavy-duty vehicle emissions reductions opportunities – this is a new initiative that is still developing in terms of the potential scope and opportunity for NGVs. CNGVA and Enbridge have been asked to participate and support these efforts, CNGVA anticipates these activities will be delayed by six months to one year.
  • Proposed Transport Canada joint industry-government study of LNG for the Arctic region – CNGVA anticipates this project will proceed but with a later start date. CNGVA continues to contact members and prospective participants to generate the funding to support this study.

In addition, CNGVA reports that it has extended the intake period for the NGV awards to June 2020. They started this initiative last year and are encouraging members to nominate providers and fleets in two categories:

  • NGV Achievement awards – recognizing significant and sustained efforts in deploying NGVs; and
  • NGV Fleet awards – recognizing fleets that are leading in the deployment of NGVs.