Infrastructure cost is often the most costly and time consuming step to building a CNG fleet. The cost associated with constructing a CNG refueling station can vary significantly depending on size and application. Given the wide variety of vehicle types, applications, and duty cycles, there is no single formula for designing a CNG vehicle refueling station and estimating the associated footprint.

However, ANGI Energy Systems has developed a CNG fleet fueling solution that is tailored for quick deployment with minimal site costs. This fully packaged solution is built for:

  • Solution Flexibility:

This package can be purchased as a stand-alone product in a simplex, duplex and triplex solution. It can also be configured as an integrated FleetPro, or an integrated simplex solution that can greatly reduce construction costs.

  • Mobilization:

The FleetPro and integrated compressor packages are designed for simple installation and relocation — allowing flexibility for relocation if the fleet needs change.

  • Performance:

ANGI NG75E offers range of inlet pressures from 4–13 PSIG and flow rates of 67–100 SCFM giving you up to 48 GGE per hour, per compressor, which is ideal for small to medium fleets.

The NG75E is offered in multiple configurations, to support small to medium sized fleets with an affordable first cost and total cost of ownership.