May 10, 2021. Amp Americas is landing a deal to develop and operate Minnesota’s first biogas-to-transportation fuel project; it began delivering fuel from that project to the Alliance pipeline in October 2020.

Amp will process 700,000 gallons a day of manure, leveraging anaerobic digesters at three sites owned by farming operation Riverview. This venture brings Amp’s portfolio up to four renewable natural gas (RNG) projects across the Midwest and west, which collectively produce over 10 million gallons of RNG annually.

The developer also runs services and marketing lines around dairy biogas, landfill gas, and wastewater treatment plant digester output. Through these lines it markets others’ biogas projects; supplying RNG to fleets; and generating and selling low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) credits.

What began as a few small-scale dairy farm projects led to the launch of 25 CNG stations supplying mostly RNG from across the Midwest, Southeast, and Texas. This was at a time when diesel was $4 a gallon; the company was forging a strong market presence in CNG, selling this green alternative for less than $2 a gallon.

Amp Americas is looking ahead too and is already working on other projects in various stages of development, mostly in the Midwest to include Wisconsin, Kansas, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota and, further east, in New York.