New Zealand’s leading engineering company and compressed natural gas (CNG) specialists Oasis Engineering is known for their products and services, making them leaders in the engineering industry. Oasis Engineering have been recognized for their innovation, product development and customization by their customers; producing top of the line products like HC308 quick couplers that are taking over North America CNG high flow operations.

“The biggest trailer manufacturers in the USA and Canada are using our Ultra-Fast Fill quick couplers and are benefiting from them greatly”, says Ricky Lee, Vice President of Business Development USA and Canada.

The products provided by Oasis Engineering have majorly benefited companies throughout the world and have been recognized for reliability, efficiency, high flow and service life. The Ultra-Fast Fill quick couplers are designed to provide Oasis’ customers with up most satisfaction in terms of efficiency and safety.

These quick couplers are specifically designed for high pressure CNG use with safety features like anti-leak spring loaded poppets that instantly stop gas flow when disconnected, requirement of high disconnection force that prevents accidental disconnection and significantly improves the safety of the device, a stainless-steel construction giving corrosion and wear resistance etc. The unique design of these couplers allows for ease in usability and handling, making them an attractive option for customers.

“Customers are filling trailers faster than ever using our high flow products and they can do this with minimal residual pressure all thanks to reduction in restrictions”, says Ricky Lee.