Agira enables the first 4-hose CNG dispensers in Argentina

The Argentine company Agira, leader in technological solutions applied to the compressed natural gas (CNG) and Oil & Gas industry, announced the start-up of the first CNG dispensers with four hoses in Argentina, thus marking a true milestone in the efficiency and versatility of gas supply, as well as generating benefits for individual users and transportation logistics.

According to company sources, one of the pumps is operational at the AXION Energy filling station strategically located on Route 7 Km. 953 in Las Catitas, province of Mendoza. For its part, the second device, which is operating at the Puma refueling station, located at the intersection of Route 6 and Lavalle Boulevard, in Campana, province of Buenos Aires, is the first pump enabled in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires. Aires (AMBA), introducing innovation in the supply of CNG in the region.

Agira highlights that the particularity of this dispenser lies in its ability to load a truck with 400 cubic meter cylinders in an average record time of 8 minutes, depending on the characteristics of the compressor and the use of the high flow valve and the NGV1 nozzle.

The product offers efficient supply for private vehicles and heavy transport, while optimizing the loading position and guaranteeing an agile process, representing a significant advance in CNG infrastructure and underlining Agira’s commitment to innovation and improvement of the experience of users in the segment.