3Degrees’ creative project financing and transportation market expertise enable the repower of Edaleen digester project

July 28, 2022. 3Degrees, a firm that helps organizations achieve renewable energy and decarbonization goals, announced the recent completion of a critical investment to repower a manure digester project at Edaleen Dairy, family-operated farm in Lynden, Washington. 3Degrees worked with Regenis, a dairy digester operator committed to both planetary protection and family farmer livelihood, and Edaleen Dairy to co-finance a new engine and generator to keep the digester power project online and avoiding potent methane emissions.

Anaerobic digesters turn livestock waste into renewable power while avoiding potent methane emissions—meaning they are one of the most essential immediate actions for mitigating climate change. Despite their environmental benefits, many digesters nationwide risk being shut down due to high operating costs. In the Northwest, many aging dairy digester projects cannot afford to continue operation at current electricity prices.

Edaleen partnered with 3Degrees to sell its digester electricity into transportation markets to power electric vehicles. Clean fuel standards, like Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program, offer digester projects a new incentive to cover operating costs and continue abating emissions. Given 3Degrees’ expertise in this emerging market, the company pre-purchased credits that will be generated under the clean fuels standards to share the costs of installing a new generator and engine at the dairy.