Clean Cities Success Stories: Greater Portland Area CNG Buses.
  BC Transit with the Province of BC, Regional District of Nanaimo, and FortisBC celebrated the arrival of new buses that will make the Nanaimo the first fully Compressed Natural Gas bus fleet in British Columbia.
  Together, renewable natural gas producers and FortisBC are turning organic waste from BC farms and landfills into something good.
  Watch how the Midwest DRIVES Initiative works with vehicle and technology suppliers to help fleets try out alternative fuel vehicles.
  Find out how quasar energy group produces electricity and compressed natural gas from organic waste in Cleveland, Ohio.
  We highlight a revolutionary new natural gas engine for heavy-duty vehicles that reliably and economically delivers near-zero NOx emissions 90 percent lower than current federal EPA air quality standards.
  The latest installment of "Energy Success Stories: Fueling Our Transportation Future," navigates Utah's diverse causeways through lens of organizations furthering the integration of public and active transit, electric vehicles, compressed natural gas v
  Mesa added a new permanent compressed natural gas station to help fuel the solid waste trucks for the city. CNG is a cleaner than other fossil fuels, and Mesa is replacing diesel solid waste trucks with cleaner burning ones that take CNG.
  Find out what it is like to drive a vehicle fueled by hydrogen and the benefits of fuel cell electric vehicles.
  With grant funding acquired by DCSD's Sustainability department and a partnership with Noble Energy, DCSD was able to purchase three new compressed natural gas buses for less money than used diesel buses.
  The city of Grand Junction, Colorado, purifies the biogas obtained from the WWT plant to create biomethane and power the whole municipal fleet: refuse trucks, buses, street sweepers and other municipal vehicles.
  “Rogue Green Fuels, LLC” is located at 1125 Anthony Way in White City, Oregon, and will serve both the solid waste service provider’s growing CNG- fueled fleet, as well as the public.
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