Pennsylvania state Senator Greenleaf extols use of compressed natural gas (CNG) at the opening of Aqua CNG filling station in Willow Grove.
  Presentations from Lorrie Lisek from Wisconsin Clean Cities, Maria Redmond from the WI State Energy Office, Senator Jon Erpenbach, and Mayor Kurt Sonnentag.
  Asheville recently added four compressed natural gas (CNG) refuse trucks to its fleet—and working with the Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition, the city also received funding for 25 CNG pickup trucks.
  Paper Transport has been leading the country in the use of natural gas powered semi trucks since 2010. Here's why they do what they do.
  Finding a place to fuel a compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle is easier than you think. Several Wisconsin businesses share their CNG fueling experiences – where to fuel, time to fill up and what it costs.
  Find out how schools in Pennsylvania transport students in compressed natural gas school buses to reduce petroleum use and save money.
  Learn how AT&T received its 8,000th compressed natural gas vehicle and now has a total of 10,000 various alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.
  The upgrade cost about a half million dollars, 35 percent of which will be picked up by Oregon taxpayers in the form of a tax credit. But the price for consumers is a bargain: $2.29 per gallon equivalent, about half the price of diesel.
  The City of Columbia has opened the first compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station in Mid-Missouri.
  CNG Fuel President Kris Kyler talks to The Courier about the new compressed natural gas fueling station that will be opening on Distribution Drive in Findlay.
  Dick Jarrold, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority's vice president of regional planning and development, explains the various components of the new compressed natural gas fast-fill station.
  Columbus wanted to take the lead for CNG usage, and has successfully implemented natural gas vehicles into its own fleet while providing public refueling for private companies and residents.
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