Central Arkansas Transit Authority continues to move forward with fueling its fleet with natural gas.
  Chapter 1 of CNG 101 explains the difference between Natural Gas and Crude-Oil based fuels.
  A western NY beverage distributor converts its 40 truck fleet from diesel to CNG and installs a full service fueling station on site.
  This video demonstrates general guidelines for fueling a compressed natural gas (CNG) Freightliner semi-truck commonly found within Penske’s expansive commercial truck rental fleet.
  KANE was featured in this television news segment by WNEP for its investment in 7 new trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).
  Learn how Waste Management was able to save $30,000 per garbage truck by converting to compressed natural gas (CNG).
  Lt. Gov.-elect Dan Patrick said on Thursday that government agencies must focus on replacing old vehicles with ones that use natural gas.
  From pickups to snow plows to semis, most manufacturers offer a variety of new CNG vehicles. Learn more about what makes and models are available and hear from fleets that are driving them every day.
  Mick Torok with NAT Transport wanted to make his fleet greener while also using domestically-produced fuels. NAT Transport was able to take advantage of a number of grant opportunities to offset new refuse hauler costs to immediate reach fleet savings.
  Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure Subcommittee hearing on "Natural Gas Vehicles: Fueling American Jobs, Enhancing Energy Security, and Achieving Emissions Benefits".
  For 2015, the Honda Civic Coupe remains the act to beat, its strong reliability, safety, comfort and resale value.
  NGVAmerica held an awards ceremony to honor the recipients of the 2014 NGV Achievement Awards on Wednesday, November 12.
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