Quantum Fuel Systems announces order for new 20-foot natural gas transport container

   Quantum Fuel Systems (Quantum), an industry leader in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel systems for the automotive and heavy duty industries, announced a customer order for their newest Virtual Pipeline product line extension – a 20-foot modular container – the VPLite21.

   The new customer, a utility company, distributes natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial customers and will temporarily place the Quantum Virtual Pipeline trailers at isolated locations with planned maintenance projects on the transmission pipelines or distribution systems. The new Quantum Virtual Pipeline Trailers will allow the utility company to provide a continuous, un-interrupted supply of natural gas to their customers.

   “We have listened to utility leaders in the industry who have told us that they need our product, but in a smaller footprint. The VPLite21 addresses those needs, and allows Quantum to serve new markets,” said Mark Arold, President, Quantum Fuel Systems LLC. “There is enormous interest in Virtual Pipeline Trailers, and we look forward to further expanding our product portfolio with even more configuration options to be able to offer solutions tailored to our customer’s needs.”

   Quantum’s 20-foot modular container has a gaseous capacity of approximately 227,000 Standard Cubic Feet (SCF) and weighs less than 25,000 pounds empty, and less than 35,000 pounds fully-loaded. It is equipped with 21 vertical Type 4 CNG tanks, which enables increased flexibility for customers that require smaller onsite storage capacity or have smaller project needs.

   The VPLite21 will start delivering in Q2, 2019 and will be certified for use in the United States and Canada, with world-wide availability to follow.