No Winter Is Too Cold For The Weather-Resistant Products

   The top-quality products fashioned by Kiwi engineering company, and world leaders in the CNG industry, Oasis Engineering, are able to handle any conditions thrown at them – even during the icy chill of winter.

   Manufactured from certified stainless-steel and extensively tested to ensure longevity, their Ultra Fast Fill Quick Coupler is the ideal way to ensure an effective and secure connection to trailers, transporters and CNG valves, and are even capable of keeping the adverse effects of frost and ice build-up at bay during the colder months.

   With an extensive overseas market, which includes countries like Canada and USA, Oasis Engineering goes to lengths to ensure their products are suitable in use in any and all climates. And now that winter has reared its head in the USA, the adaptivity and resilience of their creations is clear to be seen.

   The Quick Coupler Ice Cover is a simple but effective piece of machinery that simply latches around the coupler, preventing the sheer cold of winter from affecting the flow through the valves.

   “During winter in the USA and Canada, these things come in handy for everyone within the virtual pipeline market to keep snow and ice build-up off the couplers while they are fuelling,” says Vice President of Business Development USA & Canada, Ricky Lee.

   Specifically designed for high pressure CNG use, the Ultra Fast Quick Coupler is highly resistant to wear and corrosion. A hardened segment connection style increases the gripping surface area, which significantly reduces wear on male couplings.

   A high disconnection force is required to disconnect at pressure making accidental disconnection very difficult, improving the safety of the device. It also features an integrated lock-in-place sleeve to ensure correct coupling is achieved and maintained.

    With all their products are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, Oasis Engineering can be relied upon to provide long-lasting, top-quality couplers, valves and more.