ICOM North America and Nat G sign exclusive alternative fuels systems distribution agreement

   ICOM North America LLC of New Hudson, Michigan USA and Nat G CNG Solutions LLC of Houston, Texas signed an Exclusive Dealer Agreement for Texas and Oklahoma for Nat G to sell, service and install ICOM’s Liquid Injection Propane Autogas (LPG-Liquid Propane Gas) Vehicle Systems for gasoline powered vehicles. Nat G will also be a non-exclusive dealer for ICOM’s Dynamic Compressed Natural Gas™ (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Systems for heavy duty trucks, which are powered by Ecomotive’s ECU, and utilize advanced ICOM and Blackstone components.

   Nat G started as a non-exclusive dealer for ICOM in 2017 and its initial success introducing ICOM Systems to fleets they currently serve validated the value of ICOM partnering with a Texas based company to offer both natural gas and propane systems for public and private fleets.

   Dudley Westlake, Autogas Fleet Development Specialist, of ICOM: “Nat G has a successful history of supplying and servicing public and private fleets in Texas and Oklahoma and we look forward to working together to offer our ICOM JTG II Propane Autogas Liquid Injection systems as well as our Dual Fuel Natural Gas/ Diesel Dual Fuel systems to their current customer base.

   Dennis Foose, CEO of Nat G: “By adding ICOM’s propane autogas and natural gas dual fuel systems to our proven CNG systems, we can truly offer all of our fleet customers the best available alternative fuel systems for vehicles of all sizes and applications. We have been very impressed by the ICOM alternative fuel systems and recognized that large and small fleets can now work with Nat G to select the optimum technologies, infrastructure, and customer service to support their fleets.”