Redmark Partners with Digital Wave for CNG trailer projects

   Increasingly, oil field drilling operations rely on compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) deliveries from large semi-trucks hauling CNG or LNG trailers to provide fuel for the drilling rig power systems. These power systems generate much less air pollution when operating on natural gas than when running on diesel. Redmark has become a designated rebuild center for these large CNG trailers. The trailers can hold hold as little as 75,000 cubic feet or as much as 300,000 cubic feet of natural gas.

   Depending on the DOT specifications for each trailer the high-pressure CNG storage vessels require testing every three to five years. In some cases the vessels are removed for testing and in other cases the vessels can be tested in place. Digital Wave, based in Denver, is a regional center for such testing and has partnered with Redmark for the removal/reinstallation of the vessels, rebuilding of valves, pressure testing gas delivery manifolds, and general repair, maintenance and fabrication work associated with the trailers. The first project between Digital Wave and Redmark began this summer for five CNG trailers.